The main goal of precision farming is to contribute to sustainable
intensification of production and it contributes to solving the following
main global challenges.


Increasing productivity

Decreasing in animals’ casualties, won’t interrupt its reproduction.

Ensuring product trust and quality.

Stepla ensures knowledge in animal’s feeding phase, so it is possible to guarantee animal’s fodder correctly during its lifetime.

Meat tracing and information

Stepla knows animal’s lifetime from its birth to consumer.

Increasing animal welfare

Stepla can detect any animal disease early.

Push PGI and Organic Farming

Effective and comprehensive meat’s origins certification.

Increasing consumer trust

Consumer may know all the details about purchasing product.

PLF relies on the use of communication technologies including sensors, positioning and decision support systems.

We got to move forward in farming management information systems (FMIS). These systems are needed to optimize information’s flow between farmer applications and stakeholders to improve food chain traceability.


    Our service platform that offers

  • Location, and monitoring of cattle.
  • Automatic detection of anomalies.
  • Integration with stakeholders: veterinarians, feed suppliers, slaughters authorities, control bodies, and other elements within the distribution chain for data exchange through FIWARE/FIspace technologies.

Benefits 4 all

  • Farm management, ICT based decision support.
  • Productivity Increase, notifications if an individual is outside of the farm (lost or stolen); sown pasture optimization based on livestock tracking statistics.
  • Animal real time location.
  • Cattle live data about the individuals.
  • Advisory communication channel with the farmers and may post reports about an individual checks.
  • Automatic notifications about:
    • Anomalous behaviours.
    • Periodic checks and vaccinations.
Food suppliers
  • Real time data about fodder stock in each farm and may inform farmers about new products and offers .
  • Saving logistic costs.
PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), organic control and certification entities
  • IT tool to audit farms and processors and to make sure they meet our requirements regarding animal welfare and natural production methods.
  • Ensure consumers that that PGI and/or Organic Beef it’s the genuine article
Other third parties
  • Slaughterhouses, distributors, supermarkets, etc. may interact with our platform though our Send Information App.
Public Health Authorities
  • Pandemic contention tool through early detection and cause identification through data correlation, avoiding infected meat reaching food chain.
  • Real time meat tracing.
  • Enhance consumer's trust, providing them with new ways to interact with your business.
  • Ensures fully traceability throughout the food chain, from farms of origin, providing truthful information about purchased product.

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Carlos Callejero

Director and co-founder partner.

PhD Physics, Carlos has 8 years of experience as Technical Manager. He has knowledge of a broad spectrum of technologies. He enjoys facing new developments and searching new business opportunities.

Rubén Blanco

Sales Manager and co-founder partner

Industrial Engineer and livestock farmer. Ruben grew up in this business, since his family has a long livestock farming tradition.

Ignacio Gómez

Technical Director and co-founder partner.

MSc in Telecommunication Engineering (UPM), Master in Communications Technologies and Systems (UPM). He has over 10 years of experience developing software and hardware projects

Julio Pantoja

Product Development

He has more than 20 years of experience integrating hi-tech products. Graduate on Physical Science, Electronics (Complutense University, Madrid) with a specialization in Electronics. Masters in mobile communications (Vodafone).

Verónica Martínez

Administration and marketing

BSc in Business Administration (Complutense University, Madrid)

Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros

Business Strategy



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